My thanks to all the participants in our Gala Tournament.  For the 40 players signed up, a total of $3600 was handed out in what I hope was a great time for all.  The results of the Tournament were as follows:

          Close to the Pin Winners:

               Hole #3 - Jim Ruf
                          6 - John Pozza
                        14 - Larry Catton
                        17 - Steve Ross

              Skin Winners & Holes Won:

                       Hole #2 - Jerry Young
                                  6 - John Pozza
                                  9 - Polsinelli
                                11 - John Pozza
                                15 - Lucky ZReaccagnini
                                17 - Steve Ross
                                18 - Jerry Young

     The Team Finals which were matched up as ABCD players without anyone knowing who there partners were:

             First:   Joe Lamica
                         Jerry Young
                         Jim Scott
                         Ed Darling

          Second:   John Pozza
                           John Polsinelli
                           Jim Lazazzera
                          Sandi Zaccagnini

          Third     Mark Stankewicz
                        Phil Riehl
                        Larry Premerlani
                        Peggy Bopp

          Fourth:   Don Dunivant
                         Frank Orlando
                        Sonny Marra
                        Mike Flick

          Fifth:    Stu Sirbaugh
                       Dick Goble
                       Lou Zaccagnini
                      Paul Dubois

          Sixth:   Buddy Hall
                      Jim Ruf
                      Bill Underdown
                      Ed Carter

       Seventh:  Tom Shaughnessy
                        Mickey Croasmun
                       Greg Curry
                       Charlie Boggs

        Eighth:   Larry Catton
                       Mike Tanner
                       Steve Nowicki
                       Larry Rogers

        Ninth:   Ralph Johnston
                     Mike Bass
                    Dave Cheney
                    Jim Lewandowski

        Tenth:   Wayne Dubois
                      Ron Lambert
                      Mike Weber
                      Steve Ross

                      Results of our play on Friday 2/16 played on the Jones Course with 35 players:

            Close to the Pin Winners:

                Hole #3 - John Polsinelli
                          7 - Joe Lamica
                        14 - Donny Hachey
                        17 - Ralph Johnston

               Points Winners:

                  +8 - Donny Hachey (74)
                  +7 - Tom Shaughnessy (78)
                         Steve Nowicki
                 +6 - Joe Lamica (77)
                        Sandi zaccagnini

               Skins & Holes Won:

                   Hole #4 - Donny Hachey
                             9 - Ken Johnson
                           14 - Donny Hachey

 Our Golf Next week is scheduled for the Jones Course both Wednesday and Friday.  Hope to see you there.