There comes a time in your golfing career that the Golf Gods must take into consideration all of the misfortune that they have bestowed upon you and decide to give you a false sense of optimism.  Who else can they have the little ball roll around the cup and look back at you, or hide stymied behind the only tree on the entire fairway, or get buried in the face of a bunker, not in sight and with no where to stand, or drop just over the water hazard to agonizingly roll back into it.  Well it happened this last week and the Golf Gods want you to know that if even a Fat Head has a chance now and then there is hope for everyone.  The results from this weeks outing at LPGA:

On Wednesday on the Jones Course it was decided before the start of play that it would be a 9 hole tourney due to the number of players that can not walk that course when Cart Path Only.  So the results are from 9 Holes Only:

          Close to the Pin Winners:

            Hole #3 - Joe GiQuinto
                       6 - Rick Struble

             Points Winners:

              +4 - Lucky Zaccagnini
              +31/2 Larry Rogers
                        Rick Struble

            Skins & Holes Won:

            Hole #3 - Mickey Croasmun
                      5 - Fr. Rick Pisegna
                      6 - Rick Struble

  On Friday 8/3 we were scheduled for the Jones Course so I had it switched to the Hills Course because of the Cart Path Only Rule:

          Close to the Pin Winneers:

            Hole #3 - Don Dunivant
                      7 - Bob Boda
                    12 - Lucky Zaccagnini
                    15 - Wayne Dubois

              Points Winners:

                    +7 - Lucky Zaccagnini
                    +6 - Wayne Dubois
                    +4 - Peggy Bopp

                 Skins & Holes Won:

                  Hole #4 - Phil Riehl
                            12 - Joe Lamica
                            14 - Fr. Rick
                             15 - John Polsinelli

 Our golf this week will be Wednesday on the Jones Course and Friday on the Hills Course, hope to see you there.