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KC Halloween 2017

gardners halloween 2017

gardner family halloween 2017

KC Halloween 2014


Linda Jeanne's Gator

Gator Sunning

Halloween 2011


Halloween 2010


KC kids having fun


Duncan's Bobcat visit 8/2010

Congratulations Jeremy 11/2009

Halloween 2009




Beat the August Heat in Central Park

Mike's hand made canoe trailer & 4 legged passenger




Central Park 1/2009

Halloween 2008





Finally got a picture of a "sneaky" gator living in the area

Look close you'll find him



Christmas Season Decorating in Kings Crossing

Kings Crossing Bass

Caught by Zach 2007

Tree Dog




Local Turkey


Halloween 2006

Lomoriello's gator visit

This is who was chasing gator at Lomoriello's



Small Gator visits 6 Lionshead Drive

Kings Crossing Deer

Picture by Reardon's




Fellow caught a nice bass in Central Park Lake on 5/15/2006



Red on Yellow: Kill the fellow


Look close this 2' coral snake seen on Central Park path 5/10/2006


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HALLOWEEN 2005 IN Kings Crossing