The rules that I use for Lou's Group are pretty simple and have been used for the past 17 years and have been, as verified by many who have played, to be the fairest and most evenly distributed prize awards of any they have played in.  So here we go.
Entry fee is $15 per player.  (Broken down is prize fund, $5 towands most points over, $5 for skins, $1 for each of the par 3's and the remaining $1 in the hole in one fund which is topped at $1000 and is only available after playing in the group a minimum of 6 times and is a regular participant.  Playing at least 2 times per month.
     Points are determined by taking your established handicap from 36 for the 1st three rounds and thereafter always the average of your last 3 rounds played.  All +'s are added regardless of the amount, and minus's are maxed at -6 with any consecutive's reduced to a -3.  Believe me it eliminates sandbagging and inflated handicaps.
     Players assignments to tees are regulated by handicap.
        + or 0 to 4, Champion Tees.
         5 to 9 or single didgit, blue or Simi-Pro tees.
       10 to 19 White or member tees.
        20+ or a combined age + handicap of (90) senior tees.
    Women play from the forward tees or Red.
   Women with single digit handicaps should play from the Senior tees.
 The reason for the differences in the tees is for skins & closest to the pins, and making sure everyone is competitive. It sure does make a difference.
    All USGA rules apply.  The ball must be played down at all times and all putts must be holed.  No Gimmies.   If carts are restricted to cart paths only for wetness, pick, clean and place is automatic, thru the green.  Not just fairways.  No relief ever in hazzards.
   Players in their own foresome can play additional nassau's, trash head to head if they so desire.  One stipulation is that a Sandie is up and down from any bunker for par or better. In other words your shot out of the sand or the next one, either a chip or putt must be holed.
    Greenies are closest to the Pin and have nothing to do with how many putts.
Telling a bunch of lies and enjoying a beer or two at the end of the round are manditory.
     Thanks and I hope things work for you at your course.

Apparently a refresher is needed for some regarding the rules of Lou's group.  When you are playing with me in my group you will play by Lou's Group rules period.  One of which is, there are only 2 drop areas on the Legends or Hills course, which are #7 and the drop area being the Ladies or Froward tees, Or the Red ones whichever you want to call them.  the 2nd is #13 which the drop area is also the Ladies, Forward or Red teeing area.  That is it for that course.  On the Champions or Jones Course we have only 1 drop area and that is #11 with the drop area being the closest point of the fairway in front of the Ladies, Forward or Red Tees.  At no time regardless where the tee markers may be, does anyone of Lou's Group tee off from the Ladies, Forward or Red Tees.  If the Gold markers are on that set of tees you are instructed to hit from the Gold Blocks inserted in the tee signifying yardage.  However, if the white tees are in front of the gold markers you will then hit from the white Tees.  In the Rules of golf, an embedded ball must be in a closely mowed area, however in Lou's Group because of the wetness surrounding many of the greens and drainage areas, an embedded ball verified by another member of your group can be through the green, meaning anywhere but in a hazard.  When we are restricted to Cart Paths only, Pick, Clean, and place is automatic also through the green.  I have been asked by more than a few players to go back to a blend on both courses for players over 65, and am presently listening to both pros and cons.  If you have an opinion, let me know.

     There is a constant gripe about slow play and I have mentioned it on many occasions, along with reporting to the starter on time.  Both issues will be addressed in the near future. Enough for now.

 If your ball lands in an aireation hole, you may move it with the head of a club, no hand involved, and on the fairway only, You cannot see any holes in the rough.  Also, if there is a rainout after 9 holes, there is still a 9 hole tournament and $8 is to be paid.  Some people left Wed. without paying and you now owe to a player in your group because they made it good.

 First of all there must be a minimum of 12 players to make it an official Lou's Legends Group.  Anything less, you are on your own with no monies added to or taken from the prize fund.  Also, for a person to claim a Hole-In-One, all players in the group must have been able to play the hole that has been holed.  Regardless weather it is a 9 hole official event or not.  However if someone in the first group aces #14 on the Jones Course and the round is washed out with the last group being on the 8th hole, there can be no awarding of the Hole In One prize.  Its just like the skins on a washed out round.  The last hole completed by the last group is where the skins end.  It is my decision whether a round is to be continued after a rain delay.  If anyone decides to leave and 9 holes have been played your prize fund amount is due.  I hope everyone understands these rules, if not, see me and we will turn the light on.