First let me say that Sandi & I have submitted our Membership resignation to Christian from LPGA International after 18 years. effective 1/31/19.
     Second, I have received a Contract for Lou's Legends from Mike Glen which I have deemed unacceptable. I can only open my copy with my phone so Larry, I have forwarded a copy to you, if you would please send it to all in the address section of this e-mail, you should be able to understand why it is not for us.  In a meeting with Mike Glen on Monday of this week, I expressed my concerns and was informed that this was the direction Arcus wanted to take. I stated, Arcus does not know Lou's Legends, what we do, how long we have been here, and how much revenue  we have generated over the years.   But then, there would be no one in the Golfing section of your Organization that would speak up for us.  After about 20 minutes of trying to state my case, and receiving, I am  going in the direction that Arcus wants, I just got up and walked out. 
     Third, I have contacted Reggie Hunter at Cypress Head Golf Club in Port Orange and asked about our days availability.  She said we would fit in perfectly with their agenda and within 24 hours forwarded to me the following prices.  We would play Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:A.M.

    January, February, March -         $40 inclusive w/range token.
    April, May, June -                          $28 inclusive w/range token.
    July, August September  -           $25 inclusive w/range token
    October, November, December - $32 inclusive w/range token.

Our first date of play would be Wednesday Feb. 6, 11:a.m. @ Cypress Head.
On February 1st, which is a Friday, we will be at Pelican Bay (North Course) at 11:a.m. for $35 + tax.  

     As always anyone wanting to play in the group let me know by 3;PM the previous day. 

     I would not expect Members to flock away just because I am leaving, and to you I would like to say you have been a fantastic group which I have had the pleasure of spending an awesome time with and wish you nothing but the best for the remainder of your golfing days.  If you ever have an open date, give me a call and you will always be welcome. The most important part of our group has always been the friendship and good competition and a bunch of lies over a drink after the completion of our round.  God Bless to all and I hope to see you all in the future.  P.S the couple Hundred bucks in the Hole in One Fund goes with me Ha Ha.   Come and get it.